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Why Romania?

Alarming rates of abuse

Romania is the size of the State of Oregon with approximately 22 million people. Startling statistics reveal a desperate need for the restoration of broken families and abused women and children.

  • Everyday, approximately 32 people are affected by domestic violence
  • Every second day, a woman is killed at the hands of an aggressive partner

Domestic violence is a cultural norm

In Romania, The National Agency for Family Protection reports approx. 9500 cases of domestic violence per year for the two past years, 73% being against women. Nonetheless, these statistics underestimate the reality of domestic violence, which in most situations, is carried from generation to generation as “normal” behavior. Experts estimate that the more accurate number of domestic violence is approximately six times higher than reported.

Though our world continues to grow in sophisticated technology, academics, and economy, 21st century society is unable or unwilling to protect the human rights and safety of women. Alarming statistics confirm that nearly half of our female population is at risk of suffering some measure of human rights violation, brutal violence or even death in the exact place in which one should feel the most safe, the comfort of home.

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