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Our working principles

Zero Tolerance

With profound conviction, zero tolerance for domestic violence is our basic principle and the very motivation for all activity.


Understanding that safety is one of the most acute needs of women, this organization endeavors to create an environment to ensure absolute safety and certainty.


Our initial focus is on the development of a woman’s capacity to formulate good decisions, respond in healthy ways to victimization and will provide beneficial outcomes for themselves and their family.

Respect for the Women’s Decision

After women are informed of every choice and opportunity, we respect and support the decisions they make even when contrary to our expectations.


Keeping confidential the identity and demographics given by the resident is of utmost importance. Our intention is to protect everyone involved in the process (women, volunteers, staff).

Respect for People

We consider all people equal and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity no matter their condition, education, nationality or religious beliefs.


Our services are offered by specialized personnel, carefully selected based on education, experience, abilities and character. Our team of specialists is trained to recognize the women’s expressed or unexpressed needs, from their perspective, and to address them properly.

Ongoing Training

We encourage and support the staff and volunteers participation at various trainings, conferences, seminaries, according to the identified needs, in order to continually improve our programs

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