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Counseling Center: Remodel Photos

Final Inerior Painting
Painting was completed inside.
Final Exterior Painting
Final painting was completed on the exterior.
Assemble Furniture
Furniture was assembled.
Hanging Photos
Pictures were hung.
Children's Room
The children's room was completed.
Hanging Flags
Flags were prepared for the lobby display.
Old accessories, floors and ceilings were cleaned.
Wheelchair Ramp
A wheelchair ramp for the handicapped entrance was completed.
Counseling Center
Transitions Gate and Compassion and Care are currently remodeling this building to use as a Women's Counseling Center in Romania.
First Event
September 15th, 2009, the first women’s event was held in the center, though the remodeling was not yet complete.
Exterior (Before)

Before and after pictures of the posterior portion of the building. This remodeling transpired shortly after the purchase of the building in January, 2009, in compliance with construction codes and standards.

Exterior (After)

The exterior resurfacing and then a fresh coat of paint, gave the center some vitality and the “face-lift” that it longed for.

Young Adult Group

The young adult group from a neighboring church in Ploiesti worked long, hot hours, volunteering more than 600 hours of sanding, scraping and cleaning to help prepare the walls, ceilings and floors for remodeling resurfacing.

Root Cellar

Cleaning the root cellar prior to reconstruction will provide clean, safe storage and space for office items

New Doors

A well seasoned, contracted carpenter has handcrafted new solid wood interior and exterior doors for the center. This provides security and a sound proof barrier from room to room creating a confidential atmosphere for counseling children, women and entire families.

Nancy Mortlock Transition's Gate President, Nancy Mortlock


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